Brooklyn Bridge in New York

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New York Brooklyn Bridge is not only the longest bridge in the United States, but it is also the world’s largest bridge. The length of the bridge is calculated as 6016 feet. The bridge extends over the East Rive and connects the Manhattan and Brooklyn boroughs.


John Augustus Roebling from Ohio was the architect of this bridge. He was the one who designed the bridge connecting Cincinnati and Covington. The bridge was built in 1883 and took almost 14 years to become available for the public. It took so long because the Augustus fell ill and passed away and the project had to be postponed.

After the death of Augustus, his son, Washington Roebling took charge of the project but unfortunately; he also fell ill and died. Later, his wife, Emily Warren Roebling took over the project. The bridge was opened may 1883 for general public. Emily was the first to cross the bridge. Later on the first day, 1,800 vehicles and 150,300 people crossed the bridge.

After a first week of opening, a rumor that the bridge was going to collapse caused the stampede, about twelve people crushed and killed due to stampede.

In early years, the means of conveyance were based on trolleys, streetcars and horses, but late automobiles and cyclists become active. However, the bridge was not mended to hold such large traffic, yet the architecture design of John A. Roebling is enough to serve its job.

The Structure

Get the Best through Vehicle Wraps, Brooklyn NY

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Necessity for the Vehicle wraps

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Main features of Vehicle wraps Brooklyn NY

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Variety of usage

These high quality and high-resolution vehicle wraps deliver exceptional marketing exposure. This catalog of products can put up all the customer needs- The Company also offer a broad range of van wraps to suit any mode of transportation. They carry a variety of both high-class truck wrap products and robust and durable bus wrap for trucks of any size. Vehicle wraps NY is the hottest and the trendiest in the world of advertising. Graphics have been used on vehicles in several different forms since many years now but with the current technology they can wrap entire vehicles, vans, trailers and semi trucks easily with high clarity. Even with a single vehicle wrap NY, businesses can gain huge benefits in terms of visibility since the vehicle would be advertising in all parts of the city rather than traditional advertising.

Customs and Cultural Diversity

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We are living in an excited time in modern human history! There are numerous magazines, newspaper articles, cable channels and television programs set aside for travelers who want to experience various levels of adventure related to customs and cultures. I am not an expert on all types of customs and cultures. However, what I can safely say is that I once lived in South America and I can certainly add my two bits to the conversation in regards to adventure travel.

Being born and raised in South America can certainly add to what I am about to say in regards to traveling to the Amazon Region. The Amazon River carries the largest volume of water is the world flowing about 3,300 miles from the Andes through Northern Brazil to the Atlantic Ocean. A traveler wishing to visit the Amazon Region will expect a trip of a life time! The indigenous people of the Amazon Region are made of a number of tribes speaking distinct languages and each tribe has its own culture and custom.

It not easy to travel into the heart of the Amazon. The terrain is a mixture of thick rain forest, mountains, swamps, small rivers and waterfalls. There is also a large abundance of wild animals, reptiles (venomous and nonvenomous), poisonous plants and man eating ants. There is a plant called “Bena” and some tribes use this plant to create fear. Legend says that some Bena plants can actually make a visitor in the Rain Forest lose their way. The plant gives off a special scent that traps it’s un-looker into a trance-like state. It is also said that the only people that can actually help a lost visitor find their way is the local tribes within the area.

Tips For A Backpacking Holiday Of A Lifetime

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If you are planning for a backpacking adventure, it is highly recommended that you get familiar with basic backpacking guidelines and survival skills. Such information and knowledge can prove to be highly beneficial for backpackers as it helps them in enjoying their trip absolutely. Additionally, these skills provide a certain sense of safety and security to the backpackers.

Backpackers or even individuals on solo travel tours will surely benefit themselves by being knowledgeable about various such tips and skills before venturing into the wild, trekking the mountains, surfing the sea or loosing themselves in the vastness of the barren desert.

Destination Selection

The first step it to decide the destination where you would like to have your holidays. Our globe is a big place and choosing a destination can be a tiresome job. However, there are some pointers and features that may assist you in making the choice. Geography, the amount of time you can afford and the weather are few basic factors that may play a part in your decision. One should keep in mind that summers in UK do not mean summers throughout the world. Choose a location which has an agreeable weather and one which will be the most convenient to you. However, backpacking in off-seasons can get you cheap deals.


Where To Buy Mexico Automobile Insurance

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Mexican Auto Insurance is need when traveling into Mexico. Whether you are going for a couple days or retiring there, securing coverage for your auto is vital when in Mexico. Not only is it the Mexican law to carry insurance, in the event of a loss you can go to jail and the Mexican police can impound the vehicle for no insurance. Having Mexican Auto Insurance is very important in Mexico.

The first place people think of when buying Mexican Car Insurance is when they get to the border, right before they will cross. What they do not know is that it tends to be a bit more expensive and they sell you things you just do not need. West Coast Insurance Services ( // has made it easy by offering the best Mexico Auto Insurance carriers with the most competitive rates on the marketplace today without having to compromise coverage. We have done the homework for you so that you are able to secure the best possible coverage for your Auto so that you have peace of mind on the drive to the border and when crossing the border. Why wait till the border? Buying a policy from an unknown agent.