Top tips for travelling with young children

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Taking children on holiday can be a great formative experience for them, but you need to make sure that you enjoy the holiday too, and don’t spend all your time dealing with noisy or reckless kids. Fortunately, there are many tried and tested ways to keep children entertained and out of trouble during every part of the journey, which can ease the stress and improve the experience all-round.

Firstly, it’s important to realise that kids of different ages respond very differently to travelling. While older children may truly enjoy the travel experience – whether by plane, train or automobile – younger children and toddlers are not likely to be so engaged by great views, and may grow restless much sooner. On aeroplanes especially, younger children may be particularly sensitive to turbulence and bumpy landings, so keeping them distracted is a must. Attempting to plug their ears isn’t usually advisable, as many kids don’t respond well to having their ears covered.

Quantity over quality is usually the rule when supplying toddlers with toys, as they can become bored very easily. While you’ll naturally want to keep your luggage to a practical minimum, you shouldn’t be too ruthless when packing for babies and kids. This not only applies to toys and other play activities, but also to food, as you can’t always rely on airlines and hotels providing good quality baby food, if any at all.

Tips For Travelling With Children

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Traveling is tough. Traveling with children – even tougher. Airlines generally suggest that arrive at the airport three hours before your flight is scheduled to depart. Checking in usually takes about one hour, leaving two hours in which you must find a way to occupy yours, and your child’s, time. And that is only at the airport. Once you are aboard your flight, you are forced to sit in your barely big enough seat for hours upon end. This is hard enough for an adult, let alone a child. If you are traveling with children, do not fear, there are things that you can do to help your child through the long airport process.

The main thing you will want to do when traveling with children, is keep them occupied. While you are traveling, you will spend several hours in the airport and several hours on the plane. For anyone who has children, you know that keeping them happy, even at home, is a difficult task. Therefore, keeping them content in an airport where there is little to nothing for children to do, is even more difficult. If you are traveling with children make sure to pack games, coloring books, or toys that will fit in your carry on luggage and that can occupy your child’s attention. For older children, consider beginning a journal in which your child can write down their experiences while on vacation.

Tips For Travelling With Children

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Travelling to your holiday destination can be a nightmare if you have young children. It doesn’t matter whether you are flying abroad or driving a few hours to your hot tub break destination in the UK, you still have to keep children amused. If you are fed up with hearing “Are we there yet?” over and over again here are some tips you might wish to keep in mind.

If you are flying abroad with youngsters you might want to check around when booking your flight to find out if there are any night flights. Children may sleep the entire flight, if it is short enough of course, which means you enjoy a peaceful time too during the flight. Children stick to patterns, awake during the day, unless very young, and sleep during the night. Night flights could save you from misery. The same could apply if you are driving to your holiday destination. Let the children play all day at home then set out when they are ready for bed and let them sleep in the car.

If you have a long drive ahead of you to your destination in the UK and you have to drive during the day then make sure that you prepare for the journey. Depending on the age of your children there are plenty of things to keep them occupied. Teenagers will happily listen to their music, read, play games on their portable games player or chat on their phone on the trip. However younger children will need your attention. With this in mind an adult should sit in the back with children, where possible. Reading to them may keep them amused for a half hour to an hour, talking books on a music player will save your vocal cords and provide entertainment.

Tips on Travelling Around London

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The city of London in the United Kingdom receives many tourists annually. Whilst the transport system may very well be among the oldest around the world, it can also leave a lot to be desired, due to its age and restrictions. However, when travelling in London, it’s not necessary to always have to rely on the transport system put in place (although this is often more convenient) as there are many ways to travel round the city.

London buses cover every part of the city, and there are a huge selection of routes covered. The common London red bus still exists, but it’s changed throughout the years. No longer are you going to see the old open door route master bus, instead, in its place you’ll discover either long, single deck bendy busses, or red double decker buses, that happen to be an update to the route master. Stated previously, these buses cover every area of the city, and you may either pay with cash once on the bus (£1.50 for adults, cheaper for kids), or make use of an oyster card. If you are paying by cash, please pay with coins whenever possible, or a small note, as the drivers don’t carry very much change, and may get frustrated, or ask you to get off the bus if they do not want to deal with the large note you have given them. Not to mention the frustrated passengers, who will have to wait on account of you, as the driver counts the change. The easiest way to board the bus is to use an oyster card. The oyster card is London’s method of paying for travel via a debit card of sorts. This is much more convenient, as no longer will you be required to physically count change any time you board the bus. You merely top-up the oyster card with the quantity you wish to place on it and then board the bus by placing the oyster card on the oyster card reader which deducts your travel journeys expense automatically.

Caribbean Family Travel Tips

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The Caribbean is a very popular spot for families to go to on vacation. By traveling together, it makes it easier to get into all-inclusive resorts. A typical all-inclusive family package to the Caribbean offers beach and water sports, spas, dining, parties, kid-friendly programs, baby-sitting, swimming pools and water slides, and much more.

But keep in mind that not every so-called “all-inclusive” Caribbean family travel package includes absolutely everything you could ever want to do on vacation. Be sure you’re clear on what your vacation package offers so that you can plan ahead accordingly. Although the package may include a wide variety of activities and features, there may be others you will want to take advantage of.

For example, your family vacation package may include snorkeling gear, but there may be a time limit that restricts how long you are able to snorkel. And if you decide to go on a snorkeling boat trip, that may cost extra as well. The same goes for skuba diving – you may have to pay extra for equipment or be limited to a certain time frame.

Along the same vein, some all-inclusive Caribbean family travel packages may include non-motorized water sports, including wind surfing and kayaking. But it may cost you extra for motorized water sports, such as water skiing.