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At the heart of Sydney – Australia’s oldest, largest and most diverse city – is the outrageously good-looking Sydney Harbour. Like a psychedelic supermodel, the city curves and sways through this glamorous maze of sandstone headlands, lazy bays and legendary surf beaches. The Sydney experience is essentially physical – dunk yourself in the Bondi surf, sail under the Harbour Bridge on a yacht, jog along the Coogee cliff tops or rampage through Centennial Park on horseback. Everybody seems to be outside – the beaches are swarming, street cafs buzz and the harbour blooms with sails.
The Museum of Contemporary Art, the Sydney Museum, and the Police and Justice Museum are also popular attractions with visitors. The Sydney Aquarium gives the ability to view sharks at close hand and discover a variety of fishes from all over Australia such as the now famous Nemo clownfish.
If you are Plan for Flights to Sydney and If you are looking for outdoor recreational activities, Sydney has that too. With so many beaches and fantastic weather, the going to the beach is a must particularly during the summer months. The soft sandy beaches and warm waters around Sydney are perfect for swimming, surfing, water skiing, or simply sun bathing.
There are also several fantastic places to snorkel or scuba dive with so many reefs teeming with a variety of colorful fish. There are scuba diving courses that are easily accessible for travelers that allow you to get your diving certificate.
As a tourist, you will never have a hard time finding something to entertain you. For one, there is usually an ongoing festival or sale in Sydney. If you are a tourist traveling alone, you are usually safe. However, it would still be a good idea to have a travel buddy who will keep a watchful eye on you and him on you.
The extensive wildlife of Sydney can be seen in the different parks and zoos in Sydney. There is more to Sydney than a kangaroo. Hopefully you have a better idea of Sydney now.

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