Try to Wear Snow Boots

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It is a type of hideous shoes, which is known as snow boots. It is made of hairy sheepskin and was sewn with simple process, it seems to be bulky and dull, fashion people describe the shoes as the most ugly one with their picky and sharp view. On the other side, this type of shoes prove to be an international brand of UGG and are able to be popularized all over the West,UGG Bailey Button Chocolate in the nearest years, it created a popular wind that is overwhelming all over the world.

It was found unexpectedly by Blyth Smith ten years or so ago on a surfing resort, Perth where he was surfing on Oceania that when surfers landed, they would like to put on a kind of shoes, which were manufactured by small local plants. He purchased and tried to put on him a pair of shoes out of curiosity. The shoes are made of double-sided sheepskin with wool; thick wool can rapidly absorb water vapor, it has exceptional ventilation and thermal performance. Boots are cool in summer, but will be warm in winter, so that the foot has a special feeling of relaxation and comfort.

The commercial opportunity was seen by Smith, therefore, he set up the brand called UGG after he backed to California of the United States. This sort of shoes expanded to be popularized in a small extent of surfers according to its good foot feeling and particular ingredients. The reason was that this type of shoes is not beautiful in shape, it was also hard to find suitable collocation. Shoes were impossible to enter fashion people’s picky eyes, so this was no chance to do advertisement in large scale and make mighty marketing propaganda.

Moreover, the type of shoes has been unable to smash barriers from the professional market; it was also did not receive more approvals from consumers. For this reason; loss can describe his company once a time.

In 1998, Smith sold the UGG brand to Dickers outdoor company. According to the traditional promotion mode, took advertisement, fashion magazines or fashion show, for example, it obviously did not work on UGG. They adjusted the strategy promptly; the first thing they chose to do is to send two pairs of UGG shoes to the hot actress Pamela Anderson and her daughter. Pamela liked this type of eccentric boots for its comfort, therefore, she often put on it in the shooting spot that caused idolaters of their curiosities and supports. As a result, stars who were always frequently made an exposure to the paparazzi would receive UGG from the company, they often had some intension to do so.

In 2000, the Dexter Company sent a pair of UGG to Oprah Winfrey, the “talk show queen” of the United States. After that, in order to gave her employees, Oprah once bought 350 pairs of UGG, she also recommended the shoes ceremoniously to the audience in her program called Oprah’s Favorites. Dexter Company has been tried all means to send UGG to budding actresses, photographed pictures of them in various film festivals and award ceremonies that could see their UGG boots. Although this method seemed to be thoughtless, it would provoke more following enthusiasm from star adherents. As a result, people started to pay more and more attention to this shoes that were with odd appearance but were loved by many famous person, and it constantly influenced ordinary people’s daily dress trend.

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