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25 Responses to “NEW YORK SNOW STORM 12/26/2010 BROOKLYN NY HD”

  1. lowell90 Says:

    @SilverPott You have no clue what global warming is do you? Us “liberals” do (must be all that fancy book learnin we do lol), which is why we’re concerned .

  2. VampireHeirXIII Says:

    Sigh… I remember that. Total and utter chaos, with the subway lines dead. I wish school wasn’t on break when this happened though :/

  3. BreezesofConey Says:

    Obviously the dude filming is NOT from the city let alone the US . Take it from someone who is married to a good old fashioned born and bred New Yorker, he’s plenty used to it and loves snow.

  4. Raptole Says:

    It looks like a movie scene from the Day after tomorrow :D

  5. Cena340 Says:

    Would you people just shut the fuck up and stop putting up bullshit commets
    it’s just a snow storm. It’s no big deal we got storms like these where I come from.

  6. Cena340 Says:

    You people just putting up some bullshit about the snow storm, wake up and s

  7. TheMaster592 Says:

    hell finally froze over

  8. warriorgal1 Says:

    Not the end, only the beginning! Bible says, Come now New York let us reason together you and I, thus says the Lord God Almighty. Though your SINS be like scarlet though they be RED as crimson I WILL MAKE YOU WHITE AS SNOW!!!! I wonder if New Yorkers understood the SNOW message? Hmmm. Isaiah 1

  9. WOcoFunnies Says:

    I would of loved to dive into the snow with nothing on…like i did in NY

  10. phinchy007 Says:

    @MrVeljo55 it sure does- only 4 lone survivors

  11. pebraquera Says:

    that’s a lot of snow how come it never snows so much in Houston

  12. skrili Says:

    @KodyCena no lol a global blizzard means its all on the world and it aint and iff u call the blizzard going on now in america bad ha then i laugh at you since i had alot of worse blizzards in austria

  13. Reverseflush Says:

    Someday that white stuff will be human remains from a nuke

  14. JBhab30 Says:

    @KodyCena Up here in Ontario that is nothing we get this about 10 times a winter , Global blizzard? it wasnt snowing everywhere thats gotta be impossible

  15. KodyCena Says:

    @JBhab30 Global Blizzard 12/25/10 and 2/1/11

  16. PrayerCoach Says:

    WOW!! glad I ain’t here

  17. JBhab30 Says:

    Global Warming?

  18. Andrey230 Says:

    hahahaha how you like that?

  19. testagangster Says:

    Por isso q não troco o Brasil por nada

  20. shotgun9000 Says:

    @CB4toJO so true

  21. CB4toJO Says:

    That’s just a typical day here in Canada.

  22. myrandomspaces Says:

    @monsieurfrancais looks like 9/12/01

  23. 23Jarek23 Says:

    lmao…why are all the cars abandoned? thats like, light flurries…fuckin sissys.

  24. bluesun1989 Says:

    There’s this much snow on the roads all the time in Saskatchewan!

  25. serglazk Says:

    всё это херня!!!! они снега ни разу не видели!!! тупые америкозы подумали, что это конец света!! ебанаты!!!!

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