Boro Park, Brooklyn – Blizzard of 2010

Author: Chipoy  |  Category: All About Brooklyn

A walk down 48th street more than 12 hours after storm ended. Streets STILL not cleared and not a plow in sight. . . (the plows finally showed up thursday morning. . . 72 hours after the storm ended!) THANX BLOOMBERG! (I’m sure you managed to clear the bike lanes though. . . )

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3 Responses to “Boro Park, Brooklyn – Blizzard of 2010”

  1. mycmarkgreen Says:

    Shame shame Bloomberg!

    Impeach Bloomberg!

  2. TSUalum93 Says:

    I shared this on my FaceBook page Abandoned by Bloomberg. Thank you for posting it.

  3. somnys Says:

    s.o.b. bloomberg completely ignored brooklyn.

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